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Monday, 13 June 2011

How will NHS reforms meet the funding gap?

Andrew Lansley has stated that the NHS faces a funding gap of nearly £20 billion a year by 2015, and its costs will double by 2030. Efficiency savings with short term costs and disruption may produce some long term savings. Only a change in the level of NHS provision, or the means of funding, will address this problem.

More patient choice and competition only on quality will not save one penny, it can only cost more. Patients are already making small payments indirectly through use of revenue sharing telephone numbers, excessive car parking fees and premium rates at retail concessions in hospitals. These are however tiny.

What else we will have to pay for if the reforms are to meet their declared objective?

What is it that will have to be cut out of the scope of the NHS?

Where is the secret agenda that balances the reform proposals with their alleged objective?

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