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This page offers some help on using the features of this blog.

•    General

•    Adding Comments

•    Included Sound and Video


... this drop down box includes many useful features.

It provides links to news feeds and other blogs, and the option to email me.

There is also a search option at the foot of each blog entry.

Please send suggestions about possible improvements.

Adding Comments

Comments may be added to each individual blog posting, at the foot of the entry.

To comment on the blog, and the issues covered, in general - please use this page.

♦  All comments are subject to moderation

♦  Anonymous comments are unlikely to be published

♦  If no "id", please use the Name/URL option - the URL is optional

♦  A contact email address (entered with the name) will enable private dialogue

Included Sound and Video

... this symbol appears against items which are played within the blog page.

Click on the symbol, or on the link text, and playback will start.

The player controls will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen.

♦  Explore the options and features.

♦  To minimise; click on right hand button.

♦  To close after use; click on "x".

♦  For details about the item hover the mouse over the title.

♦  This feature is provided by the Yahoo Web Player (details found here).

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