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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ofcom joins the party late - my response to a preliminary consultation

In the Autumn of 2010, Ofcom will issue proposals for the revisions of the regulations covering what it now calls Non-Geographic Call Services.

This will cover, most contentiously, 084 numbers. It will however also cover all of the numbers used for Premium Rate Services. The clarity which will emerge from this exercise may provided belated assistance to the understanding of the need for a complete ban on use of 084 numbers in the NHS. If this work had been undertaken a year or more ago, the present confusion would undoubtedly have been avoided.

As a preliminary, Ofcom has just completed a consultation inviting input of ideas to a process that will address many issues well beyond the scope of the campaign being covered here. From my broader engagement in these issues I have contributed a response to the consultation.

This may be be viewed here - Input to Ofcom Review of non geographic calls services

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