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Friday, 30 April 2010

The end of rip-off GP telephone numbers - contract revisions now issued

A media release has been issued, drawing attention to the fact that the revisions to the GP Contracts have now been issued to PCTs by the DH. PCTs will formally notify GPs of their revised obligations.

GPs have until 1 April 2011 to get off "expensive" telephone numbers (i.e. all those beginning 084).

There are two important points to note.
  • Assurances from system providers about the cost of calling 084 numbers are known to be misleading. They are entirely worthless as these providers have no control over the price that callers pay, unless they themselves happen to provide the callers' telephone service.
  • Migration from a revenue sharing number to another number, within the term of a contract, is a perfectly normal option. There is no need for NHS providers to suffer contract  termination penalties in order to move back to compliance with the principles of the NHS.

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